Artificial Grass San Antonio, Texas
Artificial Grass San Antonio, Texas
Serving San Antonio, Texas

Synthetic Grass Point Comfort, Texas Pet Paradise, Dog Kennels

With its unequaled flow-through reinforcement and short heavy blade design, muddy yards, dirty paws and, gravel, our fake grass for dogs eliminates cold concrete, mulch. PetGrass 85 components are 100% Made in the USA is permeable. Perfect for residential and commercial pet lawns in Calhoun County. 10-year warranty with 20 years life expectancy. Global Syn-Turf fake grass for dogs is the artificial turf designed specifically for dogs.

Sanitary environment for pets, the blades of turf are antimicrobial, bacteria and which helps combat odors, creating a safer. Removing liquids from the synthetic grass surface quickly and efficiently, the unique knitted backing also enables instant drainage. This original structure creates an perfect play surface for dogs and pets. The unique odor was fighting design. The uniqueness of this fake grass for dogs and other pets starts with the fiber used to manufacture the turf blades.

Dead grass patches, the days of brown, muddy shoes, paws are gone and, and countless hours are keeping and watering a usual lawn. Texas, call us today for a free quote, if you live in Point Comfort.

Fertilizer, re-seeding and or re-sodding, feeding, our synthetic grass does not need water, weeding, mowing. Global Syn-Turf fake turf for dogs provides a long-lasting, other pets and environmentally friendly lawn space that is safe for dogs. The unequaled backing allows for accelerated drainage than conventional hole punched backings. Global Syn-Turf fake turf products meet all safety requirements for lead and heavy metals. Synthetic turf will not be wrecked by pet waste or by established cleaning agents. Time and Enjoy elegant turf that will save you cash, as well as give a safe surface for your dogs. Our Pets Turf is ideal for commercial pet facilities as well as residential lawns for dogs. Global Syn-Turf pet grass in Point Comfort, texas has fabulous straight fibers that stand evenly in height and direction. This provides more secure blade composition, highest resilience in the toughest conditions. Unique Global Syn-Turf blades are multi-colored and have a thatch layer to deliver cushion and vertical resistance to the longer monofilament blades.


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