FreshCut Scent

Love the smell of freshly cut grass? With our new FreshCut technology, you can enjoy your favorite smell while keeping the cost of your lawn maintenance down. Along with the look of an always green and perfectly manicured lawn, you can enjoy the aroma of freshly cut grass as much as you like. Just apply Freshcut directly to your grass and let it dry.

Avery Gilbert, "smell" psychologist who specializes in the science of scents, said, "Scent is very evocative. For thousands of people, it brings back all kinds of memories, emotions and feelings."

Smells can take on emotional significance when they are paired with a memory, frequently developed during childhood when we smell them the first time, usually during a pleasant activity, like going to the beach, camping, or having a picnic, experts say. When we smell them again later, the emotions from that time may be revived.

Studies prove that many smells have discrete emotional connotations, but that doesn't mean the feelings are triggered by a particular chemical in the scent, Gilbert said. Positive emotional responses to a scent are the result of past happy memories associated with it.

The smell of freshly cut grass is pleasant to millions of people. Now you can feel great with our Freshcut technology while keeping your water bills down and enjoying beautiful, zero-maintenance lawn.